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Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Bluetooth Tw64 Watch Wristband Bracelet Pedometer

New 2016 version!

Join a growing trend and follow your fitness affordably with this new and cheap fitness activity tracker. While it may be cheap in price, the quality is astounding. From the comfortable stylish band to the thoroughly thought through design on the app, you’ll be impressed beyond words.

Available in a range of colours not matched elsewhere, you can literally get the colour you want without having to settle for something close. We aim to please.

From it’s sleek and stylish design to it’s comfort and ease of use. This is a must have for any fitness fanatic or someone just looking at shedding a little weight or wanting to improve their fitness.

We all know how important it is to remain fit and healthy, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you are achieving. You can certainly go for a run or a brisk walk, but what about all of the other things that you do throughout the day? Well, wonder no more. Our fitness activity tracker will take the guesswork out of your daily exercise regime. Simply pair it with your mobile device and you are on your way to better health.

But it does much more than just track your movement.

  • Count your daily steps
  • Measure the distance you have travelled
  • Know how many calories you have burned
  • Get insights into your sleep patterns
  • Manage events, such as when to take medication, meetings and appointments
  • Call and message reminders
  • Tell the time the old fashioned way without your phone
  • Anti-lost feature with positive and negative direction
  • Vibration alarm
  • Weatherproof to IP67

Please note the following points:

  • These are rated to IP67 which makes them waterproof to some degree. You can use them outdoors in rain or while washing your hands, but it is recommended that you do not submerge them in water.
  • Older models. The display does not remain illuminated all of the time. It is designed to only show you the time, steps and so forth when you press the button on the side. It is designed this way to prevent the battery draining too fast.
  • When using the app you are required to refresh the screen on the phone or tablet to get updated information. You can complete this task by dragging down on the screen. In other words, you won’t see step one, two, three on the phone while you are walking, but it will show the current steps when you refresh, which takes mere seconds.
  • Band falling off… The clasp on the band is the same as many other fitness bands, including the ones in the $100 price range. They are a simple clasp which pushes through the holes in the band. People with smaller wrists may notice that it will unhook when bumped or brushed against something. This is because the very end of the band sits out rather than flat due to a tighter circle around the wrist. People with a larger wrist won’t notice this problem. To solve this we now include band bandits. If you should require more please search on eBay for FITBIT Charge HR TW64 Security. This cheap and affordable product wraps around both bands securing the band in place making it impossible for the band to unhook and fall off. It works with all fitness trackers from Fitbit down to the TW64.
  • Android phones with a screen smaller than 4.5″ will NOT be able to connect to the tracker. For some brilliant reason that I’m yet to come to grips with the app developer decided to place the bind button off the screen on phones with a display under 4.5″. Anything over 4.5″ will work without a problem, and this only affects Android phones, not Apple.

This is the perfect companion for your smart phone. Even if you are not interested in fitness, this smart little fitness activity tracker does so much more than just track your fitness.

The band is made out of TPU Polymer composite materials. This provides comfort, reduced weight and adds durability. This space age material is as light as a feather, comes in a variety of different colors, and will never fade. Get a unique color and stand out, or go for a more traditional color. The choice is yours.

***The approximate band length (measuring around the inside of the band)***

  • Largest size: 20cm (approximately 8″) around the inside.
  • Smallest size: 14.5cm (approximately 6 3/4″) around the inside.

It is a one size fits all band and doesn’t come in other sizes yet.

Compatible devices:

IOS 6.1+ and Android 4.3+

Connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0BLE

(The following Apple devices are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible:


·         iPhone 4s

·         iPhone 5

·         iPhone 5c

·         iPhone 5s

·         iPhone 6

·         iPhone 6 Plus


·         iPad, 3rd generation

·         iPad, 4th generation

·         iPad mini

·         iPad mini 2

·         iPad mini 3

·         iPad Air

·         iPad Air 2


·         The iPod Touch (5th generation))

The screen is OLED 64*32, providing high quality with a minimalistic design

Battery normally lasts for between 3 and 7 days on a full charge, and for approximately one month on standby, with a full charge.

Don’t delay and get your fitness activity tracker now. Perfect for yourself, family or friends.

Need new bands?

The bands on these trackers are replaceable and you can purchase different colour bands from our store to spice up your fitness tracker. Band replacement is simple. Firmly grasp the band just below the display and pull the band in the opposite direction just above the display. While doing this gently press up on the dongle and bend the band down until the tracking dongle pops out of the band (don’t worry about the band as it’s very flexible as it’s made out of silicon). Slide the remainder of the dongle out of the band.

To place the tracking dongle into a new band slide the long end into the band first. Gently pull the band until you can wrap it around the remainder of the top of the dongle. Press down to set it in place.

If it should look as though the band is coming away from the tracker it simply means that the band hasn’t been set into the dongle all of the way. To rectify this press down around the edge of the band where the band meets the tracking dongle. This can happen during production, band replacement or from wearing it too tightly. Pressing the band into the groove of the dongle will set it back into place. If it is due to being worn too tightly, loosen the band a little.

Please note: The most common problem faced by people is getting their phone to connect to the device. We have an extensive troubleshooter throughout the listing. First thing you should do is make sure that the device screen is on when trying to establish a connection. This will almost always solve the problem.

Which app to use for the TW64 fitness activity tracker? Please read

The TW64 fitness activity tracker comes with four possible apps, and it all depends on the tracker that the supplier sends us which app works with your device. For this reason we highly recommend that you read the owners manual to see which of the four apps are compatible with your TW64 fitness activity tracker

As with other apps you may experience connection problems from time to time. To resolve this problem simply turn the Bluetooth on your phone or tablet off, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on again. Try connecting again. If it fails restart your phone and retry the connection process once more. If both of these attempts fail remove the app from the phone and reinstall it again.

It’s also worth noting that you should try the connection away from any other Bluetooth enabled device. I have had reports of users facing connection problems, but the wristband has already made a connection with another device in the room and prevented a connection with the phone that was attempting to connect with it. Also try connecting your phone to another Bluetooth enabled device such as another phone or Bluetooth speaker. This will eliminate that the phone is the problem. iPhone 4 users should note that the version of Bluetooth used in the older iPones is not compatible with Bluetooth 4.

Some users have reported that the downloaded app from the developers website works better than the one from Google Play. If you continue to have problems with the Google Play store app try scanning the QR code that comes with the instruction manual. It’s possible that the developers push updates to their website app before the Google Play store.

Please note the following

This model has been vastly improved over previous models. One of the improvements is gesture control. You will notice that as you move your hand about the display will light up. This is not a fault of the device, but a design improvement. It is designed to enable you to tell the time without the need for pressing the button. It will illuminate the display as you gesture it towards your face, but it will also illuminate as you move about. It doesn’t yet have the intelligence to distinguish between motioning towards the face and general motions. This feature had a negligible impact on the battery life.

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